Hi, I am Yiannis and I love to cook! How did I get here? Read on!

My parents migrated from Greece to the United States of America in 1960. Straight from Athens to Wisconsin.  Yep, Tomahawk, WI.  Bringing with them a rich heritage of traditions and culinary expertise, I was able to learn about the different varieties of cooking and baking early in life.  Watching my mom in the kitchen at home or watching my dad (Babakouli) in the commercial kitchen in his restaurants, it was natural for me to recreate their specialties, and allows me to offer these masterpieces to you.

Originally I had to create the spice blends I refer to as the “Trilogy” (Kosta’s Original Gyros Sauce Blend, Amazing Greek Salad Blend and Meat Lovers Blend).  All Greek and all amazing!  The Trilogy was only the beginning of what is now a road map to international goodness and all available at Fresh from Yianni’s Kitchen – Deli & Catering Center!

Our ultimate mission is to cater to everyone’s palate and everyone’s budget.  So whether you are looking for a “simple” gyros sandwich or a full service catering event in Jacksonville, Florida, we will customize to your request!